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Pre-College: Lives of Animals

Lives of Animals:
Learning about Animal Behavior, Intelligence
and Wildlife Conservation

An online summer program curated by Think Elephants International,
featuring Hunter College faculty and scientists from around the world!

Thank you for your interest in The Lives of Animals. We regret that we must postpone the July program at this time.
If you would like to be notified about this program or other pre-college offerings, please
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Have you ever wondered why animals do what they do or how they think?

  • Are you interested in learning about how non-invasive research with animals is done?
  • Have you ever wondered how scientists design studies to understand animal behavior and intelligence?
  • Are you passionate about animal welfare (helping animals live better lives) or wildlife conservation (saving endangered species in the wild)?
  • Are you interested in a career working with animals, but don’t know what you can do?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this course is for you!

The Lives of Animals is an exciting new program for upper middle and high school students, ages 14 – 17, with a passion for animals and an interest in learning more about them. Along with the program curators, who study elephant behavior and conservation, this course will give you a unique opportunity to learn from scientists and conservationists who study a wide-range of species both in the laboratory and in the wild.

Here’s how the program will work:

  •   During each class session, a scientist will video conference with the class from somewhere in the world—there will be scientists from a number of backgrounds and countries
  • Each scientist is an expert in a particular area of animal behavior or conservation and will be uniquely qualified to talk to you about their work
  • You will learn about a number of topics on animal behavior and conservation throughout the program, including the behavior and/or conservation of elephants, dolphins, lions, tigers, chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, pandas, cats, dogs, wolves and/or birds
  • Scientists will present about their work, engage in active discussion and Q&A, and then run a live, online activity that engages the students in critical thinking exercises about research and/or conservation. You will participate in group and break out meetings.
  •  Some speakers will be leading sessions from their homes, while others may be running them from the field, zoos, or elephant sanctuaries in Thailand!
  •  Speakers will focus on how behavior and cognition experiments in the lab and field are designed and run with animals as well as the application of such work to wildlife conservation

This is an excellent opportunity for middle and high school students with an interest in science, research and wildlife conservation to engage directly with scientists in the field. If they have an interest in animal behavior or animal cognition/intelligence research, non-profit charity work, conservation of endangered species, or wildlife advocacy and policy, this is the program for them. We will also ensure that students have an opportunity to connect with scientists after class if they would like to learn more about a particular topic, find out what they can do to pursue a particular career or find out how they can get more involved in conservation efforts.

Hunter Alumni enjoy a 10% discount.


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