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Professional Development

Boost your professional skills with our rich diversity of courses.

Communicating Your Virtual Presence: Effective Presentation for Video Meetings

Instructor: Ann Timmons, Communications Artist
Dates: Friday & Saturday: September 25 & 26
Times: 12:00pm-1:00pm
Tuition: $75
Location: ZOOM

Class Description:
Whether you are logging onto a meeting, doing a virtual presentation, or making a client pitch via Zoom, feeling exposed and “in the spotlight” on camera can compound fears of public speaking. Thus, communicating over video while working from home presents many challenges.
This interactive class will cover basics of best video practices as well as successful strategies for public speaking, with specific attention to speaking over video platforms.

Topics covered in Session One include:
• How to set up your physical space to convey professionalism
Using appropriate setting, lights, camera, sound
Using a split screen on your computer
• How to eliminate nerves and stay “in the moment” while on camera
Physical and vocal exercises to help you “get out of your head and into your body”
• How to project confidence while speaking and listening,
Specific attention to online conversational give-and-take, and paying visual attention
Importance of eye contact
• How to prepare your content to maximize message delivery so you achieve your meeting goals
Agendas, talking points,
Openings and closings of the “meeting room”
Know your tech platform

Session Two will be structured to address participants’ questions from Session One, and introduce more specific techniques for successful video speaking and presenting.

How To Recover Financially From COVID-19

Shelby Banks

Class Description:
As the current health crisis has affected every American financially, many small business owners, independent contractors and working artists are struggling to find solutions. Join Small Business Adjunct Professor, Shelby Banks in a conversation that’s sure to provide answers to questions about your business, including:
*How to negotiate your debt
*What is The CARES Act? (emergency loans from the SBA)
*How to determine new streams of income
*Up-to-date information regarding paying your bills
*How to start an online business
*How to manage unexpected expenses

Social Media I

Instructor: Christine Gritmon
Dates: Mondays: September 28 - October 12
Times: 6:00pm-8:00pm
Tuition: $225
Location: ZOOM

Class Description:

Sure, you know how to use social media to find old friends and cat memes - but do you know how to make use of it for business? Set yourself up with a strong foundation of social media marketing basics, including figuring out which platforms you should be on, how each platform's algorithm works, setting up your profiles for maximum effectiveness, content strategy, and audience growth and engagement strategies.

Social Media II

Instructor: Christine Gritmon
Dates: Mondays: October 19 - November 2
Times: 6:00pm-8:00pm
Tuition: $225
Location: ZOOM

Class Description:

You have a basic grasp on utilizing social media for business, but are you making full use of all opportunities at your disposal? Learn about performance analytics, advertising basics, community-building strategies, differentiated cross-platform content campaigns, and tying social media together with other marketing initiatives, including your email marketing program, for greater conversion.

12 Ideas For The Camera-Shy

Instructor: Christine Gritmon
Dates: Monday: November 16, 2020
Times: 6:00pm-8:00pm
Tuition: $110
Location: ZOOM

Class Description:

We all know we need to "do video" - but what if we're incurably camera-shy? We'll discuss why video matters, how to convey consistent branding on video, and learn twelve specific, easy, and repurposable ideas for how to make video work for you, without requiring your face on-camera.

Facebook Advertising

Instructor: Christine Gritmon
Dates: Monday: November 23, 2020
Times: 6:00pm-8:00pm
Tuition: $110
Location: ZOOM

Class Description:

Facebook's advertising tools are among the most effective, efficient, and sometimes confusing tools at a business's disposal. Learn how to set up Business Manager and Ads Manager, including a complete walk-through of all advertising options, with a special focus on custom audiences and audience retargeting features. 

Create 6+ Months of Content in 1 Day

Instructor: Christine Gritmon
Dates: Monday: November 16, 2020
Times: 6:00pm-8:00pm
Tuition: $110
Location: ZOOM

Class Description:

Batch-creating recurring content types is one of the simplest ways to reduce the stress of social media maintenance. We'll go through seven specific content style ideas that can work for any type of business which you can batch-create and schedule weekly for as long as you wish. examples of multiple ways to create this content, and extra bonus tips for how to spin high-performing content out into further content types


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